Braggin' Rights Taxidermy
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Braggin' Rights Taxidermy

Thank you for visiting Braggin' Rights Taxidermy.

We are conveniently located in Manitowoc Wisconsin - 40 miles south of Green Bay and 80 miles North of Milwaukee.

I'm a Graduate of The American Institute of Taxidermy. I graduated in the top 5 of my class in Deer, Mammal and Bird Mounting. I presently do Big Game, Small Game, Birds, Mammals and Antler Repair. I do life size, full shoulder, European skull mounts, and any custom mounts and bases requested. I continue to advance my taxidermy education annually by keeping up with new techniques and attending trade shows to seek out new state of the art products. I constantly research the newest materials available to provide state of the art mounts. Every piece of reference material is used to create realistic life-like mounts. Only the best products are used in each and every mount. From the highest quality glass eyes to new adhesive that will shrink and contract with the humidity in your home, I ensure the longevity of your mount that will be sure to bring back the thrill of the hunt!

One of the many decisions hunters confront is "Which taxidermist would use the utmost care with my animal and produce the best replication possible?" I have been an avid hunter my entire life and I understand how important it is for you to feel that sense of achievement, that can only be felt with a "great mount!" I take great pride in each project that is presented to me. I make sure each customer is completely satisfied with the final result. After all, it's all about 'Braggin' Rights', isn't it?

Craig Holschbach